The Candydesign Team

The core team at Candydesign is 4. Katanara, Cosmic, Héctor and Ellie.

Candace Ford
Chief in charge

Katanara Krystal

Cosmic Webb
Digital Overlord

Cosmic Webb

Héctor Pinõl
Technical Wizard


Ellie Webb
Head of security and biscuits


Creativity isn't magic, it's


We try not to make decisions we aren’t excited about

The joy in our work comes through the process of creativity. Executing ideas into visual concepts is what we do. Coupled with the love and passion we put into all of our projects creates a high energy work environment in which your project will be cultivated into stunning design.


Our vision has never changed, to work creatively designing brands and artwork that makes a difference to peoples businesses and lives. We will take your ideas and bring them to life.

Often clients aren’t sure what they want until they see it, Candydesign specialises in this area and will provide you with exactly what you were looking for even if you didn’t know it yourself.

Candydesign - About Us & Our Vision
Worry Less Create More


Candydesign has been operating for over 10 years. We have a lot of experience in creative design and working with clients that all are looking for something special and to stand out from the crowd.

What matters to us most is the connection we share with our clients and the ability to work together through open communication and clear direction.

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